Karina Grijzen MSc.

Hi, here a bit about me and my work….

As a therapist I focus on healing, awareness and personal growth. For this I combine eastern and western healing techniques. I offer Jungian psychotherapy, energy healing, Inca shamanistic healing and training in Qigong.

Being able to work with energy is literally in my blood. I inherited healing gifts from both my grandmothers. I learn to work with energy from Dona Marquesa, an Inca medicine woman from Peru, and Master Liu, from China.

In order to become a therapist I think it is important to have a lot of life experience and to walk the path of healing yourself. In addition to obtaining a master’s degree in developmental and educational psychology, I myself went into an in-depth Jungian psycho analysis and followed training in Client-centered psychotherapy and Jungian psychotherapy.

In the analysis I experienced the power of my subconscious, and how the process of healing goes with old pain and trauma. A beautiful road that has given me deep insights and literally changed my life.

By practicing Zhineng Qigong I recovered from old physical injuries and even straightened my back. My burn-out disappeared and I learned what qigong can do to suffer less from high sensitivity.

I enjoy my work as a therapist, healer and writer. And if I have a little bit of time left, I work on my art. Hope to talk to you soon!

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